WordPress Posts Without WYSWYG

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I dislike drafting my posts on the browser. After years of working primarily in unix environments, I find myself much more at home with terminal-based interface rather than GUI’s. Besides, I would love to do text editing in vim, and make my workflow as efficient as possible. Fortunately, I’ve found the right set of tools that jives with me. Now I can keep my texts in reStructuredText format on my local disk, sync-ed with github. I...

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Quick Notes on Git

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Git for Short-Term Memory I have a horrible memory. I think I am strewn over too many projects with way too many tools at my disposal. I forget some of the tools I’ve used in the past if I haven’t touched it in few months. Here are some of my notes on git. Basic Commands to Remember # starting from scratch mkdir <proj> cd <proj> git init git add README git commit -m 'some comment' git remote add origin...

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Using reStructuredText for Documents

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Motivation I do most of my text manipulation in vim. This includes both writing documents and writing code. It’s cumbersome for me to use windows-based editors, let alone use WordPress WYSWYG editors from a browser. I’d rather keep things in nicely organized text files. It would be best to write all my documents in a structured format, which can then be easily translated to other formats such as HTML, Latex, PDF, etc.. Enter...

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