More on XMLRPC

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In case I forget… this is what I did to find parent_id’s for pages I want to upload. Parent_id’s are necessary if you have wordpress Pages that are nested. Navigation menu’s use it, and your pages will be inevitably be grouped into logical classifications. Inspecting Posts from Python Commandline Here are the steps in Python: # load the library and initialize the lib >>> import wordpresslib as wp >>>...

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Prototyping Using 3D Printer!

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Couple of days ago, after more than 10 weeks of waiting, we finally got our first 3D printer: Solidoodle. It was worth the wait. Our first test prints had no issues, and we were pretty impressed with the quality of the prints. We wanted something practical for our initial batch of prints. We have our first batch of Acrylic case being shipped to us, but there was no way of validating whether the cutouts will align properly with the LED matrix...

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