TechVersat was started by a couple who love technology. But more importantly, this couple love sharing knowledge and appreciate the value of education. TechVersat believes technology is fun, and there’s value in creating things for the sake of learning. Innovation doesn’t have to start from big corporations. Often, it is started from unexpected places by humble people who simply enjoy what they do, who are not hesitant to share it with the world.

One of founders, JB Kim, is often recognized as the “geeky guy” with many interests. In his day job, he works at one of the top Wall street firms doing systematic trading. His normal day involves extensive programming, analyzing years and years of market data, and monitoring his bots trading real money in the market. He uses statistics and numerical methods to try to make sense of vast amounts of data, and then puts these models into automated trading systems.

Off work, his curiosity drives him to explore electronics and other technical subjects in his ‘man cave’. He tinkers with different DIY projects, surrounds himself with books, and enjoys building LEGO with his kids.

The other founder, “The Boss Sally Kim”, is not your average mom. She is an engineer by training, and systems architect by experience. She also spent many years at a top Wall st firm dealing with critical trading engines and its expansive infrastructure. She brings not only the energy and enthusiasm, but also practical ideas. She then turns these ideas seamlessly into reality. Sally does everything that JB can’t do, and manages to glue everything together perfectly.

We are passionate about technologies. We love to come up with new ideas, and convert these ideas into real life applications. We will do our best to share our experiences and knowledge, in the hopes that you’ll find both educational and recreational value from our products.