More on XMLRPC

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In case I forget… this is what I did to find parent_id’s for pages I want to upload. Parent_id’s are necessary if you have wordpress Pages that are nested. Navigation menu’s use it, and your pages will be inevitably be grouped into logical classifications. Inspecting Posts from Python Commandline Here are the steps in Python: # load the library and initialize the lib >>> import wordpresslib as wp >>>...

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WordPress Posts Without WYSWYG

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I dislike drafting my posts on the browser. After years of working primarily in unix environments, I find myself much more at home with terminal-based interface rather than GUI’s. Besides, I would love to do text editing in vim, and make my workflow as efficient as possible. Fortunately, I’ve found the right set of tools that jives with me. Now I can keep my texts in reStructuredText format on my local disk, sync-ed with github. I...

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Quick Notes on Git

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Git for Short-Term Memory I have a horrible memory. I think I am strewn over too many projects with way too many tools at my disposal. I forget some of the tools I’ve used in the past if I haven’t touched it in few months. Here are some of my notes on git. Basic Commands to Remember # starting from scratch mkdir <proj> cd <proj> git init git add README git commit -m 'some comment' git remote add origin...

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Using reStructuredText for Documents

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Motivation I do most of my text manipulation in vim. This includes both writing documents and writing code. It’s cumbersome for me to use windows-based editors, let alone use WordPress WYSWYG editors from a browser. I’d rather keep things in nicely organized text files. It would be best to write all my documents in a structured format, which can then be easily translated to other formats such as HTML, Latex, PDF, etc.. Enter...

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